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Kaumarabhrtya (Pediatric)

As per Ayurveda, Pediatric health is considered under the broad concept of “Kaumarabhrthya”, which has been given the foremost position among the branches of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic pediatrics is a well practiced stream for newborns, infants and children. Both preventive and curative medicine is practiced here.

Kaumarabhrthya Department deals with the healthy upbringing of

  1. Infants
  2. Antenatal and post-natal care
  3. Purification of mother’s milk,
  4. Also cures for diseases of infants caused by intake of vitiated breast milk,
  5. Critical period of early childhood development,
  6. Physical,
  7. Cognitive
  8. Socio-emotional domains etc.

As health and immunity is built at this phase special therapies are offered to build a healthy future. Early detection and treatment is crucial for many congenital disorders.